Are you ready to get organized, and feel more confident to build the life you deserve and desire?

Better Divorce Workbook: The Essential Companion for your Divorce

Created to be used alongside Better Divorce Blueprint.
The Companion Workbook empowers you to take control of your divorce.

Divorce is overwhelming enough without having to deal with all the financial, personal and legal paperwork.

When you have clarity and you are organized you feel more confident and you are less likely to make costly emotional, financial and legal mistakes.

This workbook provides a structured and prompt-based way to explore your situation, release your feelings, and clear your mind.

This deep work is vital in preparing yourself to take each next step one at a time without feeling pressured to speed up or slow down.

Processing your journey in powerful writing prompts helps your subconscious mind identify with your deepest driving desires to clearly move you beyond your limitations and achieve the outcome that best serves you.

The Better Divorce Blueprint. Your helping hand through divorce.

The Better Divorce Blueprint Workbook takes you through the journey and provides a safe space to express yourself as you learn how to....
  • Arm yourself with a tangible step-by-step plan so you can navigate the journey of divorce wisely, and allow yourself the courage to live a better life without regret, fear, resentment, or confusion
  • ​Prepare yourself and your family so you know what to expect while dealing with the different phases of divorce
  • ​Avoid any future legal mistakes that cost you time, money, and additional family relationships, by immersing yourself into the possible network of professionals that will change your life
  • ​Move forward in a healthy manner to clear your mind, prepare, and heal from the pain and loss that you have endured over the years
  • ​Gain the courage to stand up for yourself and be a positive role model for your children, as you’re highly aware they absorb everything they see, hear and feel
  • ​Understand your unique situation and confidently improve your decision-making abilities to face whatever challenges life during and after divorce will bring
Keep this beautiful inspirational deck of cards with you to use in times of confusion.
This 52 Card Deck is filled with direction to help guide you.

Each card is an opportunity for clarity and focus. Give yourself the gift of 15 minutes weekly (minimum) to spend with the truest part of your self.
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