Are you ready to learn to brush aside the fears and step into creating the future you desire and deserve?

Better Divorce Blueprint Book

Better Divorce Blueprint is...
the result of Paulette’s personal 8 year litigated and appellant experience and expertise that made her strive to create a better, easier, healthier way to divorce from the early stage of contemplation to the necessary final steps of healing using practical tools, inspiration and a proven healing model.

This blueprint saves time, money, heartache and changes the landscape and outcome of the divorce journey for every family member, particularly the children.

Her blueprint is your personal guide through every step of the divorce process.

Learn to brush aside the fears and step into creating the future you desire and deserve one step at a time.

You will learn essential tools and strategies that will give you clear efficient direction, allow you to move resiliently through extreme stress, and save precious time and money to create a satisfying solution and find purpose, means, pleasure and freedom even in high-conflict divorce cases.

The Better Divorce Blueprint. Your helping hand through divorce.

In the fully comprehensive Better Divorce Blueprint Book,
You will learn how to....
  • Arm yourself with a tangible step-by-step plan so you can navigate the journey of divorce wisely, and allow yourself the courage to live a better life without regret, fear, resentment, or confusion
  • ​Prepare yourself and your family so you know what to expect while dealing with the different phases of divorce
  • ​Avoid any future legal mistakes that cost you time, money, and additional family relationships, by immersing yourself into the possible network of professionals that will change your life
  • ​Move forward in a healthy manner to clear your mind, prepare, and heal from the pain and loss that you have endured over the years
  • ​Gain the courage to stand up for yourself and be a positive role model for your children, as you’re highly aware they absorb everything they see, hear and feel
  • ​Understand your unique situation and confidently improve your decision-making abilities to face whatever challenges life during and after divorce will bring

The guilt, shame, blame, embarrassment and loss are real. The end of a marriage is never what you wanted. You fell in love, planned your life together and hoped love would be enough to get you through anything. For better for worse...right?

I remember those feelings and thoughts. I wish I had done something other than deny my feelings. I wish I found help. I wish I knew what to do. I wish I had known that I wasn’t crazy. I wish I knew I wasn’t alone. I kept it all inside and prayed it would all go away. For years I tried everything I could imagine to make it all better and fix it. I read every self-help book on marriage I could find and nothing worked to fix it.

It’s easy to feel that way. It’s easy to feel stuck, trapped, broken, confused, angry and sad.

I was stuck too! I had a lot of roadblocks and things that kept me from knowing what to do and how to do it. We all do.

I was terrified of what my “family and friends” would think of me and say about me.
I was terrified of not having any credit in my name and no money in the bank.
I was terrified of not having any professional skills or a job.
I was terrified of not knowing where I or the children would live.
I was terrified of the rejection and disregard I may experience when everyone found out I wanted a divorce.
I was terrified of the future and how the hell I was going to cope.

There is a lie that you must stay and suffer and try to make the best of it despite so much pain, fear or abuse.

That was 20 years ago. I survived, but it wasn’t pretty. In fact, it was as ugly as ugly gets. I learned so many lessons.

One thing I knew for sure was I couldn’t go on with the way things were going. I knew I couldn’t change the past, BUT I could change the future.

Research, support and guidance makes all the difference. Divorce is a catalyst for growth and change where you feel heard, respected and you can manage your emotions.

My purpose in creating this book is to address all of the uncertainty and walk you through the whole process. From the very beginning of contemplation, to the healing end of finding closure to move on with the freedom to create the next chapter of your life.

Are you ready? It’s better on the other side.


“Wow!  Do I wish I had this when I was going through my divorce!  I never knew about divorce coaching when I was going through it, but boy would it have made a difference in the outcome of my divorce and my life.  Her advice and experience will guide you through a complicated process and will save you heartache and money and will set you up for a better future.  Do yourself and your family, especially your children, a big favor and take the time to do the work in this workbook.  It will be the best investment you make as you embark on this journey.”

-Vicky Townsend, Co-Founder and CEO The National Association of Divorce Professionals
“Man oh Man do I wish I had a Better Divorce Blueprint when I was going through my divorce. Methodical and a life saver come to mind. Will definitely recommend to my clients contemplating or in the throes of divorce. A necessity to get you started on the right track personally and financially.”

-Keli Hazel, CPA, Financial Planner and Author of Suddenly Single
“Better Divorce Blueprint is a must read for anyone facing divorce, no matter which phase they’re in. This easy read is an outline for protecting property, rights and your heart. The author looks at each phase of divorce from a place of love and patience, to help families move through the difficult process with ease and understanding.”

-Barbara Bell, Founder Bell Divorce Advisors, AIF, CDFA, CDS, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
“Paulette’s comprehensive guide to divorce is a must-read for anyone who is contemplating or currently going through the divorce process. As a divorce attorney, I would recommend it to all of my clients without hesitation. Better Divorce Blueprint is a game changer. ”

-Samantha Lennon, Partner Heredia & Lennon Family Law LLC,  Family Law Attorney
"This is a must read for anyone going through divorce as it blends real world advice, practical strategies and actionable exercises which leave the reader feeling empowered, believing that they too can come out better on the other side of divorce no matter what!"

-Tierra Womack, MBA and Founder of The Brave Way, Confidence and Success Coach, Narcissist Abuse Expert
“Paulette is a caring and passionate divorce coach and mediator who has developed an innovative concept for helping individuals divorce better. As an experienced divorce professional, it is refreshing to see Paulette’s ideas for helping parties move through the process and onto the next chapter of their life with positivity. This book is a must read for anyone facing divorce.”

-Tracy Ann Moore-Grant, Family Law Attorney and Founder Amicable Divorce Network
"’Better Divorce Blueprint’ is not only invaluable for people going through a divorce but also for the professionals that serve them.
Anything and everything you can possibly think of and encounter during a divorce is jam packed into this book.
Custody, financial, co-parenting, moving - it is all in there and I am just naming a few.
Paulette carefully takes you through each phase of "divorce" and teaches you what you need to know so you can make clear and better decisions to get the best possible outcome.”

-Ilyssa Panitz, Editor: "5 Things You Need To Know To Survive And Thrive During and After a Divorce," Content Director for The National Association of Divorce Professionals, Divorce News Journalist
“As a divorce litigator and having been divorced myself, Paulette's book is exactly the type of resource that clients need when going through the divorce process. Paulette does a wonderful job of breaking down the divorce process and delivers insights into all of the different emotions and issues that can arise when someone is going through divorce. The advice and tips that Paulette offers clients are insightful because she is a divorce professional that has also been through the divorce process herself. I cannot recommend this book enough - if you are starting the divorce process or are in the middle of it, this book will help you every step of the way. If you are a professional that works with divorcing clients - tell them to RUN and get this book NOW.”

-Sonia Queralt: Family Law Attorney, Co-Founder of Divorceify
"In Better Divorce Blueprint, Paulette Rigo tackles every aspect of divorce and lays the good, bad, and ugly on the table. Paulette makes clear that divorce is a complicated endeavor, but does so in a relatable, compassionate, and easy to understand way. Her empathy, understanding, and genuine desire to empower the divorcing is palpable. She pursues a holistic approach to divorce and advocates for preparation of the mind and heart, not just the paperwork. Paulette sparks joy and hope in moving on, showing that there is light and passion in being whole with or without a partner. This is a must read for anyone contemplating divorce."

-Winter Wheeler, Winter Wheeler Mediation & Arbitration LLC
“Anyone who is about to embark on a divorce needs to read this book prior to calling a divorce attorney!  The insight that you will glean will save you thousands of dollars  but as important, save you millions of emotional dollars. That the divorce attorney is not your therapist, is tremendous advice. Reading and understanding the contents of this book, will set you on the correct path.
It will allow you to avoid the inevitable pitfalls of divorce. It will give you the knowledge and power to press on through a very difficult and emotional period of your life. Things will get better. You need to take care of yourself mentally and physically during this process. Paulette gives you the path to get through what I refer to as the “emotional blender” of divorce. Following her keys to the mental, spiritual and physical betterment of yourself will allow you to wade through this process from a much healthier perspective.”

-Martin F Kane II, McGrath and Kane Inc., Esquire
"The work I've done in Better Divorce Blueprint as well as the year that I've worked with Paulette has transformed my life. I was a recently divorced stay at home mom who hadn't worked in my tech security field for 8 years. I didn't know what the next stage of my journey could be. A mutual friend said I should talk to Paulette. She challenged me to find the answers inside me and pointed me in the right direction.
Over the course of a year, Paulette helped me take an idea and nurture it into a business. She empowers me and validates my efforts. I went from being confused and anxious to feeling completely in control of my destiny. I couldn't have done that without Paulette's special style of coaching. She takes the time to understand where her clients are and meets them there. It's been one of the best experiences of my life and, thanks to Paulette, I'm ready for the new adventure ahead!"

-Rebecca White
"Paulette is a lifesaver, literally. After being married for 34 years, I NEVER would have imagined I would be going through a divorce. The grief was unbearable and I had no idea how to proceed. Along came Paulette who met me where I was at, supporting me every step of the way. If you're contemplating divorce or ready to take your next step into your new life, she is the person to contact. Paulette's book, Better Divorce Blueprint & other resources are extremely helpful. She is a a deep learner and is constantly learning more. Divorce is like a full time job and she recommended resources when I needed them. A team of professionals including Realtor, Lawyer, Accountant is sometimes required to have a productive divorce. Whatever your need is, she can point you in the right direction and since she has been through divorce, she knows what sort of roadblocks you may run into. You will be comfortable with Paulette who answers your calls EVERY SINGLE time (How does she do that?) She is amazing. When you are going through divorce, you don't have that partner once had but Paulette makes you feel that you are not alone and she encourages you to put one foot in front of the other and to embrace life. She has your back. Watch her presentation "The 12 mistakes divorcing women make" She teaches you not to fall into those traps. She is a combination Life Coach, Mediator, Certified Divorce Coach who has chosen this role as her life's work and she excels at it. She will work with you before, during, and/or after divorce to assist you in being successful. She goes at your speed, never pushing and is a great listener. She assists you in being proactive and not reactive, to be graceful. She is essential to the process, the glue that holds everything together while possessing a warm and intelligent demeanor. Her number one priority is your well being. She assists you in making it through the process healthy and I am grateful to her for getting me to the peaceful place I am now. Thank you my friend, Paulette."

-Laurel Almquist
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